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When we talk to teens and young adults about wisdom teeth removal, we usually frame it as an extension of their ongoing preventive dentistry plan. That’s because the so-called wisdom teeth, which are really just your third molars that are located in the back of the mouth, can cause all kinds of unforeseen problems down the road if they are not dealt with in an appropriate manner when they first begin to emerge.

Today we want to explore the phenomenon of wisdom teeth and explain why it is that they almost always need to be removed. Keep reading and then be sure to call us at 563-288-2612 to request your consultation appointment with Dr. Moreno.

The Wisdom Of Removing These Teeth

If you’re wondering why we make people go through the seemingly invasive extraction process, here’s something to chew on (so to speak): removing wisdom teeth from your mouth prevents infections and alignment issues.

There are two major problems associated with wisdom teeth 1.) They develop at a weird angle and push toward the front of your mouth and 2.) There just isn’t enough room in the mouth for these teeth. The latter is called having an “impacted wisdom tooth.”

An impacted wisdom tooth tends to cause a whole bunch of pain, and this situation increases the risk of problems like cavities or periodontal disease (gum disease). In case you didn’t know, gum disease is actually the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. It can creep up fast and get into your bloodstream leading to other health problems beyond missing teeth.

Extraction Is Easier Than You Think

We wouldn’t make any arbitrary decisions about your oral health. As with any dental treatment, removing wisdom teeth starts with a thorough oral exam. At that time, we’ll examine the teeth and gums and take plenty of digital X-rays. We also use an intraoral camera that allows us to take pictures of the oral cavity and show you exactly what is going on. Sometimes it helps to see for yourself how dangerous the scenario can be, depending on the placement of the emerging teeth.

Once we decide to move forward, your comfort and safety will become our main concerns. Fortunately for you, we can remove one or all of your wisdom teeth in one office visit. You won’t need to be referred to a specialist or make multiple trips. And our office is certified to employ relaxation dentistry techniques to keep you nice and comfortable in the chair.

Plus, we even offer complimentary laughing gas for our patients, and we can also provide a prescription for deeper levels of relaxation, which is perfect for our more anxious patients. Once your treatment is completed, we’ll send you home with careful instructions for optimal healing.

Take The Next Step Today!

Call Gentle Family Dentists at 563-288-2612 or use our online form to request an appointment in our Muscatine or West Liberty, IA dental office. We’ll make it easy to get through the wisdom teeth removal process so that you’ll feel like smiling big again.


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