Can A Toothpaste Change Your Life?| West Liberty, IA

A great toothpaste might not change life as you know it, but it can make a real difference in the health of your smile. So can a great family dentistry practice like ours. Check out this video from our friends at the ADA to hear more about toothpaste variations. Then call Gentle Family Dentists at 563-288-2612 or use our online form to request your next preventive dental appointment in our ...

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Clear Aligners Will Set You Straight [VIDEO]

Because every dental patient feels differently about wearing orthodontic gear, and every person’s one-of-a-kind smile will require different levels of attention, we have several good options at our office for transforming your crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth into a slightly more gorgeous grin. We’ve included a video clip below about one of our easy and effective orthodontic treatment ...

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Fight Bad Breath With Good Habits [BLOG]

At Gentle Family Dentists, we are committed to making every visit to our West Liberty and Muscatine, IA dental offices as pleasant as possible for each and every patient. To that end, we even have someone in each department who speaks Spanish. ¿Como suena eso? You’ll find that there is so much that we can do to keep your mouth healthy and your smile looking its best at every stage of life. ...

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Design Your Smile Makeover In 2019

Do you have any dental goals for 2019? Whether you’re looking to change the appearance of one tooth or all of them, the team here at Gentle Family Dentists can make your dreams a reality. All you have to do to get started on your journey is call 563-288-2612 to request a smile makeover consultation in our West Liberty or Muscatine, IA dentist offices. When you get here we’ll help you choose a ...

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What Should I Do During A Dental Emergency? [QUIZ]

What should you do during a dental emergency? Take today’s quiz, from your friends at Gentle Family Dentists, to see if you know what steps to follow to possibly save your smile! You never have to worry about where to find fast, effective dental treatment when you need it most! Trust your dental emergencies to our team! Call Gentle Family Dentists at 563-288-2612 or use our online form ...

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Dental Insurance Will Keep You Smiling [VIDEO]

Dr. Carol Moreno and Dr. Roberto Moreno are here for you, offering comprehensive dentistry solutions for every stage of life. Our Gentle Family Dentists can provide you with dental cleanings and oral exams every 3-6 months to ensure your teeth remain in great shape along the way. If you have dental insurance, this sort of prevention is especially easy to come by. Be sure to check out this ...

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Relaxation Dentistry Fights Dental Anxiety [BLOG]

We know that not everyone is completely at ease receiving the dental care they need to keep their mouth clean and their smile looking its best. Maybe you are one of the millions of Americans who have some anxiety or fear when it comes to the dentist’s office. That’s OK. We won’t take it personally, but we will take it seriously, because our team is trained to deliver what we like to call ...

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Dental Sealants Are Not Just For Kids

At Gentle Family Dentists, we are a family practice in every sense of the word, and we promise to do our part to keep our patients smiling at every stage of life. That’s why we offer dental sealants as part of our pediatric dentistry services and we continue to make them available to people of all ages who come to our offices in West Liberty and Muscatine, IA for preventive dental care. In ...

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The Truth About Wearing Clear Orthodontic Aligners

Gentle Family Dentists offers two forms of clear aligners to give patients a straighter smile without the hassle of traditional braces. These aligners are easy to use and fit in with your natural smile, making them extremely popular for working professionals and adults. Dr. Moreno and her team have helped countless patients using two clear orthodontic methods, Invisalign and ClearCorrect. ...

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5 Tips for a Better Smile

The end of the year is the time to begin evaluating the past 12 months and looking at ways to improve yourself. Our West Liberty and Muscatine IA dental offices are eager to help patients improve their oral health and achieve a better smile. Gentle Family Dentists prides itself on helping patients prevent major dental problems.  And we also have a number of options for patients who need ...

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Easy Gum Disease Treatments In West Liberty, IA [BLOG]

Here’s a scary fact: millions of Americans will take on some form of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, over the course of a lifetime. This infection is one thing ...

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A Root Canal Can Save Your Smile [BLOG]

If you have a badly damaged or otherwise hurting tooth on your hands, you may be in need of what we commonly call a root canal. Contrary to popular belief, the procedure itself ...

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