Share Your Brilliant Smile With Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a quick and easy fix at Gentle Family Dentists in West Liberty, IA or Muscatine, IA, but it can also change your life! This long-lasting cosmetic dental treatment can help you feel better about smiling and spending time with your friends and family. A beautiful smile that you’re proud of can also help you feel more confident during job interviews and even improve your personal relationships. You should feel good about your look! That’s why we offer:

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  • Fast teeth whitening at Gentle Family Dentists in our West Liberty, IA or Muscatine, IA office that provides excellent results during just one session
  • Easy-to-use kits you can use to whiten your teeth at home

With either option, Dr. Carol Moreno or Dr. Roberto Moreno, both fellows of the Academy of General Dentistry, will make sure you’re benefiting the most from our whitening services. Call West Liberty, IA or Muscatine, IA offices at 563-316-6055 to schedule your appointment today and find out how our teeth whitening solutions can improve your smile!

Choose Teeth Whitening That Actually Works

Teeth whitening products you find at the store may seem convenient, but they can actually waste time and money. They promise a lot but deliver very little, and they can even harm your teeth or gums if not applied properly.

Dr. Carol and Dr. Roberto are here to save you time, money, and oral health issues by providing:

In-office whitening treatment, using a variety of safe products that produce terrific results. After just one visit, you can walk out of our office feeling proud to smile again. Dr. Carol or Dr. Roberto will discuss which of our in-office whitening solutions are best for you.

NiteWhite at-home whitening you can conveniently apply at home. Customized mouth trays will be made to comfortably fit your smile. You simply wear the trays, which contain whitening gel, at night to brighten your smile. You can use the treatment for a few weeks until you achieve the shade you want and even later on for touch-ups if you like! We’ll provide instructions for safe use and best results.

Zoom teeth whitening is a fast and effective way to improve your smile by up to eight shades. Zoom uses a specially formulated whitening solution that reacts with a powerful light to whiten your teeth in less than an hour! Ask us which whitening solution is the best option for your dream smile.

Call 563-316-6055 or use our online form to book a consultation with Dr. Carol or Dr. Roberto at our West Liberty, IA or Muscatine, IA dentist office. It’ll take no time for you to receive your whiter smile! Click here to hear from our patients.

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Video: Dr. Roberto Moreno on Teeth Whitening at Gentle Family Dentists

At Gentle Family Dentists in West Liberty & Muscatine, IA, we offer the fast and easy solution to whiter teeth. Let Dr. Carol Moreno tell you about what it is all about in this video. Dr. Carol Moreno is one of the first dentists to volunteer for the Free Sealant program in Muscatine County. She has The Children's Award from the governor and has a Humanitarian Award from the Academy of General Dentistry. Check out our page on Teeth Whitening. Visit our website today. You can also give us a call at (319) 519-0298 to talk to someone about your dental concerns. Want more informational videos from our top West Liberty & Muscatine, IA family dentists like Dr. Carol Moreno? Checkout our videos on Smile makeovers, teeth whitening, oral surgery, bone graft, orthodontic treatments and many more. Visit our YouTube channel at Like us on Facebook at for more!