Relieve Pain And Protect Your Teeth With TMJ/Teeth Grinding Treatments

Jaw pain, neck pain, toothaches, headaches, clicking or popping in your jaw. These are symptoms you don’t need to deal with on a daily basis, which is why we offer TMJ and teeth grinding treatment at Gentle Family Dentists in West Liberty, IA and Muscatine, IA.

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TMJ-related issues start at the jaw, but they can actually cause discomfort all the way down to your shoulders. This ailment has caused many to suffer without the aid of professional dental care. Dr. Carol Moreno,  and Dr. Roberto Moreno, fellows in the Academy of General Dentistry, are here to provide TMJ solutions and teeth grinding treatment to help you comfortably live your life.

Finally find relief today by calling 563-316-6055 to schedule a consultation at our West Liberty, IA dentist office or Muscatine, IA dentist office.

Providing Painless Solutions For Your TMJ And Teeth Grinding Issues

After a thorough examination of your mouth at Gentle Family Dentists, Dr. Carol or Dr. Roberto will recommend painless TMJ and teeth grinding treatment to prevent further discomfort or damage to your teeth. These may include:

  • An acrylic splint, which will cover a portion of your upper or lower teeth to separate them and relieve TMJ issues
  • A customized nightguard that will relieve stress on your jaw joints and prevent you from grinding your teeth
  • Orthodontics if you have an uneven bite that is causing TMJ pain

Why You May Need Treatment For TMJ Or Teeth Grinding

The reason you may need custom oral appliances or orthodontics is because of your temporomandibular joints, known as TMJ. Stress on these joints can lead to TMD, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

A former injury or arthritis could be the cause of your TMD and can lead to grinding your teeth at night without you even knowing it (a condition known as bruxism). Teeth grinding can greatly damage your teeth’s enamel, and it should be dealt with swiftly.

Call Gentle Family Dentists at 563-316-6055 for a consultation at our West Liberty, IA or Muscatine, IA dentist office, or contact us through our online form to book your appointment or ask any questions. By using the most comfortable and noninvasive techniques, you can enjoy a healthier, pain-free smile soon.


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Video: Dr. Carol Moreno on Teeth Grinding at Gentle Family Dentists

An average person doesn't realize how much they grind their teeth in different parts of the day. With varied daily activities one can easily ignore the signs. Let, Dr. Carol Moreno, top West Liberty & Muscatine, IA dentist tell you certain aspects of your daily life where teeth grinding is done and what is the best solution you can get to have it corrected. Dr. Carol Moreno is one of the first dentists to volunteer for the Free Sealant program in Muscatine County. She has The Children's Award from the governor and has a Humanitarian Award from the Academy of General Dentistry. Check out our page on TMJ Treatment or Teeth Grinding . Visit our website today. You can also give us a call at (319) 519-0298 to talk to someone about your dental concerns. Want more informational videos from our top West Liberty & Muscatine, IA family dentists like Dr. Carol Moreno? Checkout our videos on Smile makeovers, teeth whitening, oral surgery, bone graft, orthodontic treatments and many more. Visit our YouTube channel at Like us on Facebook at for more!