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Love The Look Of Every Tooth With Teeth Contouring And Crown Lengthening

Dr. Carol Moreno, Dr. Carolyn Duong, and Dr. Roberto Moreno create beautiful new smiles every day. They can do the same for you with teeth contouring or crown lengthening at Gentle Family Dentists in West Liberty, IA, North Liberty, IA, and Muscatine, IA. These cosmetic dental treatments can help you love the look of your smile again by:

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  • Changing the shape or size of a tooth or teeth that don’t aesthetically “work” with the rest of your smile
  • Preparing your teeth for necessary restorative dentistry that will benefit your oral health
  • Enhance the appearance of your gumline with pain-free techniques

Call 563-288-2612 for your quick and easy consultation with Dr. Carol, Dr. Carolyn Duong, or Dr. Roberto at either our West Liberty, IA, North Liberty, IA, or Muscatine, IA dentist office. If you’re a good candidate for either treatment, they’ll create the most effective plan for you so you can enjoy your new smile soon.

Dr. Carol, Dr. Carolyn Duong, or Dr. Roberto Moreno can be your partner in taking care of your dental health. They are all experienced dentists that has achieved numerous recognition over the years. One of these is their fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry, a noble organization of dentists.

Even Out Your Smile With Teeth Contouring

Sometimes, a single tooth can prevent you from feeling great to grin for pictures. It could only take a little alteration to make your smile perfect, which is why we offer comfortable augmentation of individual teeth.

Using a quiet electric handpiece instead of a loud drill, Dr. Carol, Dr. Carolyn Duong, or Dr. Roberto will smoothly remove little bits of dental enamel to improve your tooth’s appearance. It’s a fast and painless procedure that will deliver immediate, excellent results.

Beautifying And Strengthening Your Smile With Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening involves the gentle removal of gum tissue. This easy process will help your smile and confidence by:

  • Improving your appearance by exposing beautiful teeth that are hidden by gums
  • Ensuring your teeth can receive treatments such as dental veneers

We use a soft-tissue laser for this treatment as an alternative to traditional oral surgery. The laser helps prevent bleeding and speeds up your recovery time. Gentle Family Dentists also offer relaxation dentistry to help you remain free of stress and actually enjoy your time spent with us.

Call 563-288-2612 or use our online form to schedule your consultation today with Gentle Family Dentists in West Liberty, IA, North Liberty, IA, or Muscatine, IA or ask any questions!

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