Put Your Oral Health First With A Tooth Removal

It isn’t a very pleasant procedure to consider, but at Gentle Family Dentists, tooth removal or tooth extraction can be a stress-free experience that benefits your smile. Dr. Carol Moreno and her son, Dr. Roberto Moreno, make your comfort their top priority during any treatment. They and the dental team in West Liberty, IA and Muscatine, IA will do everything they can to save your natural tooth but will make your oral surgery quick and easy if you need a tooth removed.

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Call 563-316-6055 to visit either our West Liberty, IA or Muscatine, IA office and consult with Dr. Carol or Dr. Roberto. They’ll determine if a tooth removal or tooth extraction is necessary and can offer recommendations for tooth replacement to help you enjoy a full smile again.

The Benefits Of Having A Tooth Removed Or Extracted

A tooth typically needs to be removed or extracted for three reasons:

  • The tooth has been damaged by decay, disease, or infection and cannot be corrected with restorative dentistry treatment
  • An injury has caused too much harm to the tooth for it to be left in place
  • Wisdom teeth are causing dental issues, including daily discomfort

Leaving a damaged or problematic tooth in your smile only harms your other teeth, your oral health, and possibly even your overall health. If a tooth must be removed, Dr. Carol or Dr. Roberto will:

  • Ensure your mouth is fully numbed so you feel no pain during your procedure
  • Offer two choices of relaxation dentistry:
    • Free laughing gas, which is inhaled, works quickly, and soothes your nerves
    • An oral conscious option, taken in pill form, which is stronger and places you in a peaceful state of drowsiness just on the brink of sleep

Tooth Removal and Tooth Extraction at Gentle Family Dentists has the most patient-friendly techniques to prevent unnecessary trauma to your teeth or jaw. You’ll then be provided with helpful information to make sure your mouth heals as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Dr. Carol Moreno is a fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry and has been president of the said organization several times. She is also a rescipient of Humanitairan Award from AGD.

Providing Extra Comfort During Your Treatment

Our caring doctors and staff  at Gentle Family Dentists will not only help your smile with excellent dental care but will also ensure your experience with us is pleasant from beginning to end. You can always ask us for anything you need to feel more relaxed during your procedure, including neck pillows, warm blankets, headphones, and more. Our dental office in West Liberty, IA and Muscatine, IA also have ceiling TVs in each operatory to keep you entertained while we gently help your smile.

Call Gentle Family Dentists at 563-316-6055 to schedule your appointment for tooth removal or tooth extraction at our West Liberty, IA or Muscatine, IA dentist office if you’re feeling dental discomfort or think a tooth is becoming an issue. Gentle Family Dentists can also be contacted through our online form. If your situation is an emergency, we can even see you the same day.

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Video: Dr. Carol Moreno on Tooth Removal at Gentle Family Dentists

Though our ultimate goal here at Gentle Family Dentistry in West Liberty & Muscatine, IA is for you to keep your teeth, some times it will be impossible. If tooth removal is the only solution, don't worry, we have free nitrous oxide to help you relax and keep you totally numb throughout the entire process. Dr. Carol Moreno is one of the first dentists to volunteer for the Free Sealant program in Muscatine County. She has The Children's Award from the governor and has a Humanitarian Award from the Academy of General Dentistry. Check out our page on Tooth Removal or Teeth Extractions. Visit our website today. You can also give us a call at (319) 519-0298 to talk to someone about your dental concerns. Want more informational videos from our top West Liberty & Muscatine, IA family dentists like Dr. Carol Moreno? Checkout our videos on Smile makeovers, teeth whitening, oral surgery, bone graft, orthodontic treatments and many more. Visit our YouTube channel at Like us on Facebook at for more!