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Easy Gum Disease Treatments In West Liberty, IA [BLOG]

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Here’s a scary fact: millions of Americans will take on some form of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, over the course of a lifetime. This infection is one thing that can wreak havoc on your smile and the rest of your body, if it is left undiagnosed or untreated. Keep reading to see if you could benefit from a gum disease treatment and just what your options are, then call Gentle Family Dentists at 563-288-2612 to request your consultation.

Boost Your Health With A Gum Disease Treatment

Dangerous oral bacteria is always lurking in your mouth, just waiting to do you in. And that’s not just paranoia talking. If that bacteria is able to get between your tooth roots and your gum-line (forming plaque and tartar), this could cause real trouble.

This situation irritates your gums, causes infection, and loosens the connection between your roots and your gum-line. It won’t be much fun. Just ask Dr. Carol. She experienced gum disease at a young age, and that episode actually inspired her to want to become a smile-saving dentist.

Don’t worry, if detected in the early stages, like it was with Dr. Carol, this condition can easily be reversed before any major issues (like tooth loss) occur. But you won’t want to put off your treatment if you suspect that you are in its throes. Some big clues are increased sensitivity, along with swelling and bleeding, and bad breath.

Around here, we offer three options for treating periodontal disease: Scaling & Root Planing, Perio Protect®, and Laser Therapy.

The basic procedure for restoring the health of your gums uses two special deep cleaning processes called scaling and root planing. It is a tried and true way of handling the less advanced instances of gum disease.

Initially, we’ll use special instruments to eradicate that bacteria from your tooth roots (scaling). Then, we’ll smooth out the surface of your tooth roots so bacteria has no more opportunities for hiding and gaining a foothold (root planing).

In some cases we can even suggest an at-home treatment called Perio Protect®. This option uses customized trays that are filled with medication for your gums. Every day, you’ll wear your comfortable trays for about ten to fifteen minutes to take care of the infection. It is every bit as convenient as it sounds.

But for the majority of patients, we can really take the easy way out by using a dental laser that is uniquely designed for treating the soft-tissue of your gums. With this method, we will:

  • Vaporize infected gum tissue to get rid of the problem and prevent it from spreading any further
  • Vastly improve the health of your gums without any incisions
  • Deliver a shorter healing time than would be available with conventional methods
  • Give you a second chance at a first-rate smile

Call Now To Reverse The Effects Of Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is the #1 cause of tooth loss in adults. So, don’t delay, put your gum disease treatment in motion today. You can call Gentle Family Dentists at 563-288-2612 or fill out our online form to request a consultation appointment in our West Liberty, IA, North Liberty, IA, or Muscatine, IA dental office.

We accept a variety of payment options, including viable possibilities for patients without dental insurance (by taking third-party financing through CareCredit and Compassionate Finance). We also offer our own in-house membership club that provides discounts on all of our services.

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