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Emergency Dental Care (BLOG)

Emergency Dental Care (BLOG)

At Gentle Family Dentists, we see patients needing emergency care every day.  We block off time each day in our schedule so we can get the patient in the same day they call with a painful tooth, or a broken tooth, or a loose tooth, broken or lost denture, etc.  Usually the patient can be seen in any one of our three locations, North Liberty, West Liberty, or Muscatine.  Depending on the situation, we are often able to provide the treatment needed that same day also.  As our name says, we also provide that care gently and work to have the patient have a pain-free, spa like, experience in our office.  

Each dental emergency is unique and Dr. Carol Moreno, Dr. Roberto Moreno and Dr. Carolyn Duong, will not know exactly what choices the patient has until they do a limited exam and study the x-ray of the area.  Depending on the situation, we can pull or extract the tooth, provide palliative treatment, do a root canal, place a filling, provide a crown or veneer, whatever the best procedure agreed upon by the patient and one of our Doctors.  The Doctors will review the different choices the patient has to treat the situation.  The patient then decides what is the best treatment for them.

When you call Gentle Family Dentists, at 563-500-1069, our friendly receptionist will gather information to better help serve you.  When you come for your appointment, you will be greeted by our receptionist.  She or he will get you checked in.  Next our dental assistant will escort you back where he or she will offer you a warm neck pillow and blanket.  They will review your health history and take your blood pressure.  They will gather information about your emergency situation and take the appropriate x-ray of the area.  At Gentle Family Dentists, all our offices in North Liberty, West Liberty, and Muscatine are digital.  This means we get a better x-ray with hardly any x-ray exposure to you.  Digital x-rays help take better care of our patients and better care of the environment.

Next Dr. Roberto Moreno, Dr. Carol Moreno, or Dr. Carolyn Duong will meet with you, examine the area in question and perform diagnostic tests to determine what is happening and why.  The doctor will then explain what they think is going on and review with you the choices you have to take care of the problem.  They will answer any questions you have regarding your choices.

One of our business team members will then answer any questions you have about the fees involved, any insurance benefits that may apply and your options regarding payment.

We have a goal for every patient that you find all of us at Gentle Family Dentists kind, gentle, and thorough.  We have a goal that you are happy with us and our services, are well informed, and have all your questions answered.  So please feel free to call Gentle Family Dentists at 563-500-1069.

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